Learn Writing Working One on One With a Published Author

“Writing is magic, as much the water of life  as any other creative art. The water is free. So drink. Drink and be filled up.”
―     Stephen King

Take the leap in 2014 and follow your dream to WRITE THAT STORY NOW!

The “Write That Story Now! course is 16 hours of individual instruction via Skype.

The course presents the novel as a process made up of 6 components:

  • Character: What does your character want? What is the desire of their heart? What are they willing to do to achieve their goal? What is the purpose of the supporting characters and the all important antagonist? How do you write a character readers respond to?
  • Structure: A story is a journey in which your character goes in search to fulfill a desire. We discuss the stages of a story and the necessity of CONFLICT using the ROLLER COASTER STRUCTURE METHOD™. (NOTE: Janet Evanovich’s One For The Money will be used).
  • Narrative Viewpoint: I said, he said, she said… Who’s telling your story? Does your reader need to know the thoughts of only your protagonist or your supporting characters as well? We talk about the pros and cons of first person versus third person narrative storytelling.
  • Narrative Style: How do you want to craft your story? Do you prefer to write narrative or dialogue? Do you prefer long or short prose? We look in-depth at examples of narrative style and dissect techniques.
  • Dialogue: People often say one thing and mean something else. Dialogue in a story is no different. There is what is said and “what lies beneath.” We look at the role of dialogue in creating conflict, advancing the story, and revealing insight into character.
  • Transitions (rhythm, tempo): How do you keep the reader coming back for more? We look at how to craft compelling first sentences and smooth transitions between chapters to keep the reader’s interest. We also examine rhythm and tempo. Will your chapters be long or short? How do you alternate between rising conflict and giving the reader a chance to catch their breath? (NOTE: Dean Koontz’s The Husband will be used).

These 6 components surround the 7th and most important component of the storytelling process – the writer’s vision. Do you believe love conquers all or is love conquered and destroyed? Does the detective always catch the criminal or does crime truly pay? Do you want to tell a story of hope and second chances or destruction and defeat?

The course also covers:

  • Where does an idea for a story come from?
  • Seeing the world through your character’s eyes
  • How to build character biographies
  • Common story problems and solutions
  • How to construct a blueprint to write the first draft
  • Writing a query letter
  • Writing a synopsis

As a published author, I know firsthand that writing a story is exciting, nerve wracking, frustrating, and exhilarating – all at the same time!  I have put together this course as a compilation of all the information I wish someone had given me when I first began writing!

Course Scheduling is flexible (evenings, weekends)

Have questions about the course or scheduling options? E-mail me first at: info@writethatstorynow.com


Write That Story Now! – Full Course -  Introductory Price $399.00


Individual Component Courses – Each Course is 2 Hours (flexible scheduling)


Component Course – The Writer’s Vision - $60.00



Component Course - Character – $60.00



Component Course  -Structure – $60.00



Component Course – Narrative Viewpoint – $60.00



Component Course – Narrative Style – $60.00



Component Course – Dialogue – $60.00



Component Course – Transitions (Rhythm/Tempo) – $60.00



*Note: Skype teaching sessions may not be recorded